PAC-MAN FEVER (EAT ‘EM UP)/2015/Buckner & Garcia
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[I’m very excited about the release of Pac-Man Fever (Eat ‘Em Up)/2015 a new recording of our original song built around Gary Garcia’s original vocal track. This year marks the 35th anniversary of the game’s release and we are thrilled to create the 2015 version of the hit and release it to coincide with the movie “Pixels” that features Pac-Man.

Pac-Man Fever has become a part of pop culture, and we are grateful to all our fans who continue to support us. The song still makes new fans and followers, with recent mentions on “The Tonight Show,” “The Today Show” and the “wrap up” segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” featuring Jimmy and rap artist Drake.

Pac-Man Fever is either mentioned or played somewhere in the world every day and we hope to continue that tradition with “Pac-Man Fever (Eat ‘Em Up)/2015.


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Jerry Buckner

Produced by Jerry Buckner & Danny Jones